Vi Derm

Skin Care

The high quality, scientifically innovative VI Derm skin care line is paraben and cruelty free and addresses a variety of skin concerns including anti-aging, pigmentation and acne. What makes this brand different from other clinical skincare brands is the story of why it started. It all began with the love of a father and the revolutionary VI Peel chemical peel. VI Peel products were first created by Dr. Kalil for his teenage daughter who struggled with acne most of her young life. He developed the VI Peel by using a unique combination of ingredients that proved to be both effective and pain-free. Today, with the same innovative direction and passion as her father, Marya Khalil-Otto, current President and CEO of VI Aesthetics, continues to grow and build the VI Derm portfolio with effective skin care regimens for all skin types.

My Transformation

K. B.- Los Angeles, CA

After years of struggling with acne and pigmentation, Kristen was determined to find something that would erase the years of skin damage. She has tried various lotions and potions the market has to offer but none of them even came close to the results she got from the VI Peel.

“I was blown away when I saw my skin and couldn’t believe the results. Colleagues of mine have been noticing and I’ve gotten so many compliments. I can’t wait to get another peel!”

*Results may vary