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St. Louis Eternity Medical Spa Treatments & Services

Searching for a medical spa in Creve Coeur that has years of experience and utilizes state-of-the-art technology and products? Eternity Medical Spa offers Creve Coeur, Saint Louis, and outlying St. Louis metropolitan area residents experienced, customized, and personalized skin care and treatments. We understand that everyone is unique, which is why we strive to determine the perfect skincare regimen every client needs to achieve their desired end results. All of our staff has worked in the medical field prior to working at Eternity Medical Spa and our Metropolitan St. Louis medical spa is an Allergan Platinum Partner.

Our Spa Services

We offer the following medical spa services:


Sclerotherapy is a popular method of eliminating varicose veins and superficial telangiectasias (“spider veins”). A solution, called a sclerosing agent, is injected into the veins to break down the vein wall. Call today to schedule your complimentary consultation.

Let Eternity Medical Spa Care for Your Skin Care Needs

Our medical spa has 14 years of skin care experience and has successfully helped dozens of Saint Louis residents resolve their skin conditions. Whether you have acne, frown lines, wrinkles, cellulite, or any other type of skin issue, our skin care experts can help. You no longer have to look your age-let Eternity Medical Spa uses its innovative age-defying technology to help you look and feel younger! If you would like to schedule a free consultation with one of our skin care professionals, contact our office at (314) 469-2946.

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