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Keeping Our Customers Satisfied

See what our clients have to say about our proven results.

Katie Kearney, Miss Missouri 2011 - Eternity Medical Spa Customer
Eternity Med Spa is truly one of kind. Michelle and the staff are amazing! They are the nicest, most caring individuals and make you feel right at home when you walk in the door. Everyone at Eternity is very experienced and really know what they are doing. They can answer just about any question, and if they cannot, they will refer you to someone who can. As a medical spa, they not only care about the cosmetic treatment but are knowledgeable and focused on the medical aspects as well. Also, Eternity keeps there prices VERY reasonable. I would recommend Eternity Med Spa to anyone looking for a professional, friendly, and affordable spa. Thank you Eternity! Katie Kearney Miss Missouri USA 2012

Katie Kearney, Miss Missouri 2011

Michelle, Thank you so much for your support. My skin looks and feels great. Im a 53 year old housewife that has no illusions that I'm going to have a second career as a supermodel. I wanted desperatly to not look so tired and finally had time to take care of my skin, thinking it was to late. Walked into my first visit saw the women, they were gorgeous, and wanted to back out quietly thinking not the place for me! I was wrong they are very down to earth lovely people. I have had Smart Lipo under my chin and several other procedures. Never pressured just well informed. Always want to stay and visit. K.T. St. Louis MO

Adrianne Caruso Mrs. Galaxy 2010

I just want to thank all of you at Eternity Med Spa. Whether it's a phone call to schedule or I walk in - all of you are so wonderful!! You make me feel so comfortable and at ease. Christina is the Aestethician that has worked on me. She is very knowledgeable, explains the procedure she is going to perform and very gentle. I have had several Laser Genesis and 2 Eclipse Micro Pen treatments and am very happy with the results. My skin texture has definitely improved. I also notice a difference with how much softer my skin is and the large pores are visibly smaller. Would definitely recommend both treatments, you will be happy with the results!! I'm sure that all of the Aestethicians are excellent, but from my personal experience, Christina was GREAT!!


I want to put into writing about this wonderful Spa. I am never one to write comments about anything but after being a client with them for over 3 years, I could not be more happy. I started my journey of skin care too late in my life or at least I thought. At 59, I bought a groupon for a skin tightening, which I really had no idea what I was purchasing. Welcomed by Lesa, she set me up an affordable plan to help me look and feel younger. Cindy took over my products and got me on the right track. Jen has been the best getting me through several treatments and botox!! I am a chicken at heart and she is more than patient. Next week I am trying something new to reduce fat in my stomach area and I am excited to see how that turns out. I love how they have worked with me and if you are thinking about doing something for yourself, this is the place to get started and never leave. They truly make me feel at home and part of their family. Don't hesitate to give them a call or try one of their specials, they are very honest and upfront and won't "over sell" you. Thanks to everyone there.


I have been to Eternity Med Spa four times. I feel completely comfortable in this professional, relaxing atmosphere! I love Debra Poger, she is like visiting a girlfriend. We talk while she does a relaxing laser treatment. I am very happy with the results of my Venus Legacy treatments and will be booking my next sessions with them. I will most likely have other treatments at this location because it has been such a pleasant experience. The staff is friendly, the office is clean, the prices are well in line with industry standards. E veryone is very knowledgeable. Overall very satisfied with everything. So happy I tried it!


I love my result from my coolscupting on my abs. After a month I went back and had my flanks done. I am looking so good and the price is the best in town. I have an appointment set to have my inner thighs done. I can't wait. I highly recommend this procedure for people who want to look better. The technician that did my treatment was excellent. She was very professional and caring. Thank you Eternity MedSpa and Coolsculpting.

Cathy H.

Eternity Med Spa has been a wonderful experience for me. The entire staff has treated me with outstanding customer service! I feel like part of the family. I would recommend Eternity Med Spa to anyone. I have been to many different spas in St. Louis and Eternity is the best! Sincerely,


I came to Eternity Med Spa for a medical grade facial. I met with Lesa who was so knowledgeable about my hormonal changing skin. She highly reccommended PRP with the Nano Fraxel. My treatment was done 3 weeks ago and I am blown away with my results. My husband even complimented on how pretty my skin looked when we wear sitting out on our deck. That's when i knew how amazing and youthful my skin really looks. Thank you Eternity for my beautiful skin!

Vivki C

Michelle, Several months ago (in the summer), I sustained a few burns on my face / chin area. Michelle told me about the Laser Genesis treatment. I took her advice and began treatments every 2 weeks. After just a few months of treatments, the burn ‘hole’s on my face have been almost 100% filled in by the skin regeneration caused by the treatment. Furthermore, the pigment of the skin in the burn areas has changed to match that of my natural skin tone by about 95%. I’m confident with just a few more treatments, it will be fully restored and I am ECSTATIC about it! And as an added benefit, the skin area being treated seems to have given me a more ‘tight’ and youthful looking skin surface. I plan on beginning treatment for my whole face as it seems to have an anti-aging / skin healing effect and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the treatment. I’d highly recommend it to anyone with these issues or concerns. Thanks Michelle and the Eternity staff!!!

C. Boylan ST. LOUIS MO

Michelle, Thank you you, and the rest of your staff! Below is my review of my Laser Genesis and Eclipse Micro Pen treatments. My skin has been temperamental since I was young. I had terrible acne as a teen that was resistant to prescription treatments, which resulted in scarring, discoloration, and subsequently, an unwelcome self-consciousness about my skin . My medicine cabinet is full of primers, concealers, correctors and potions. There isn't a video on YouTube about covering acne scars that I haven't watched. I finally had enough and began searching for a more drastic solution. I found a promotion for a Laser Genesis treatment on Amazon Local which led me to Eternity Medical Spa. Ultimately, I received the Eclipse Micro Pen treatment, bookended with Laser Genesis treatments. Everyone at Eternity was very welcoming and kind. Christina was my Medical Aesthetician. She is very skilled and seasoned aesthetician. She has a great bed side manner and made all of my treatments pleasant and comfortable. Both Laser Genesis treatments were quite relaxing. Immediately, there was a new glow to my skin, and every morning since, my skin texture is improving. The Eclipse Micro Pen treatment significantly helped eradicate my acne scarring. Each day after the treatment, my skin looked better than ever. I would check my skin in each mirror in the house, in different lighting, tilting my head in every direction, looking for any scars or the slight shadows they create. But the proof was a week after my treatment when a friend stared at me quizzically and said "you're not wearing any makeup, are you?" I wish I would have done this years ago. I am thrilled with the results and will not hesitate to return to Eternity for any of my future skin-care needs. Thank you and well wishes to all at the spa!


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