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Millions of people are suffering from hair loss everyday. Now innovative products have been released in the marketplace, like the LaserCap® At Home Laser Therapy Unit. It has gained tremendous popularity with people who hope to slow or stop hair loss effectively using the best technology with the highest rate of effectiveness. If you are tired of trying products on your scalp with disappointing results, then laser light therapy with the LaserCap® is an excellent option. Over 80% of clients stop or significantly slow their hair loss, while over 50% thicken existing hair and improve the health and quality of it*.

LaserCap has the same laser wavelength 650nm, laser output 5mw, and 3 times the amount of lasers, 224 lasers, vs. 82 lasers in a traditional in office laser hood device.

Eternity Medical Spa is pleased to offer the LaserCap technology. Call today to set up your free consultation with our Hair Loss Expert, Debra Poger.

Benefits of LaserCap® for Hair Loss

  • LaserCap® is clinically proven safe and effective
  • Believed to be the most effective and convenient at-home laser device on the market
  • More costly than other units, but the best on the market and will last for years
  • Consists of 252 low-level true lasers for both maximum efficacy and scalp coverage
  • Rechargeable battery pack, providing increased mobility during sessions
  • Can be worn in the comfort of your own home, or can be concealed under a hat or scarf and worn outdoors while doing daily activities
  • Light, comfortable, and easy to use
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty

*Individual results may vary

Formula 82M

A Uniquely Engineered Formulation Providing an Alternative Solution For Hairloss

Minoxidil has been the number one topical therapy for androgenetic alopecia since its FDA clearance in 1988. Even after years of use, its exact mode of action is not completely understood. Minoxidil sulfate is the active metabolite which has been shown to stimulate hair growth. The proposed mechanisms of action for minoxidil are:

  1. It creates vasodilatation.
  2. It slows senescence of keratinocytes.
  3. It increases proliferation of dermal papilla cells in the hair follicle.
  4. It enhances cell proliferation.

Studies with topical minoxidil 2% or 3% show that hair regrowth tends to peak at around 1 year and that new non-vellus hairs were maintained at 4.5 – 5 years with ongoing use of the product. In addition to stimulating the growth of new hairs, minoxidil was also shown to increase the diameteer of the individual hair shafts by over 30%. A randomized, placebo controlled comparison study of topical 5% minoxidil vs. topical 2% minoxidil showed the men in the 5% minoxidil group had 45% more hair growth at 48 weeks than those men using 2% minoxidil.

Increased Efficacy With Tretinoin And Minoxidil

There is also evidence that tretinoin, when added to minoxidil, can increase its efficacy. Studies have shown that tretinoin increases the percutaneous absorption of minoxidil by 3 fold. Intriguingly, in one study by Lewenberg, it was noted that while minoxidil appears to exert its best hair growing effects on the vertex of the scalp, the combination of tretinoin and minoxidil “results in hair growth in all areas of the scalp.” The mechanism of action for hair growth from tretinoin is not clear either. It has been shown to penetrate the nucleus of cells and induce protein synthesis and cell turnover. Additionally, it prolongs cell survival and prevents apoptosis of dermal papilla cells. The use of topical steroids has been shown to decrease inflammation associated with the use of minoxidil, trentinoin or the combination of both. Also, the combination has been shown to have increased efficacy over minoxidil alone.

A New Process

Over I5 years ago, a pharmaceutical group in South America created several topical formulas containing minoxidil, tretinoin, a topical steroid, and more recently, a natural 5 alpha reductase blocking agent, oleanolic acid, in addition to several other ingredients. Additionally, they also developed a proprietary method of solubilizing and stabilizing minoxidil, allowing better stability, longer shelf life, and better efficacy.

In 2008 a group of dermatologists in Mexico headed by Dr. Antonio Cueva introduced these formulas to Mexico. They performed some clinical trials showing a markedly faster onset of hair growth and more profound hair growth than they had seen with previous minoxidil based formulas.