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Saint Louis Metro Area Medical Spa Facials

Are you interested in a facial or peel that will help your skin look and feel younger? Eternity Medical Spa offers many different types of facials, such as the following:

  • Classic Spa Facial: Great first time facial for men and women and also great for pregnant women. Clarisonic cleanse enzyme exfoliate under steam. Followed with extractions, and facial massage. A neck and shoulder massage while masking. Finish with SPF.
  • Medical Grade Facial: This is great for a special event or keeping the skin looking fresh and radiant everyday. Starting with a Dermaplane, cleanse, extractions, refresh peel (lunch time peel), facial massage, neck and shoulder massage while masking. Finish with growth factors, SPF.
  • Acne Spa Facial: This is great for acne on the back area. Deep cleanse with steam, enzyme exfoliate/ mud mask under steam to help pull out impurities. Followed with extractions and lite back massage all helping to mininmize congestion. Acne facials are an excellent facial for acne-prone adults and teens. It helps minimize acne breakouts and brightens any facial discoloration, while instantly refining and retexturing skin. Your face is bound to feel smooth and hydrated after an acne facial*.
  • Medical Grade Microdermabrasion: Medical grade microdermabrasion facials exfoliate your skin and leave you feeling hydrated, refreshed, and glowing*. Your skin care products will work to their maximum capacity after you receive a medical grade microdermabrasion.
  • Age Intervention Regeneration Peel: This uses the red wine extract Resveratrol combined with skin rebuilding peptide blends and glycolic acid to provide facial resurfacing and anti-aging rejuvenation.
  • Dermaplane Spa Facial: Cleanse, Dermaplane, facial massage, collagen mask. Growth factors, SPF.

Add On:

Dermaplane – Eye Lash Tint

Refresh Peel – Eyebrow Tint

Collagen Mask – Brow Wax

Lip Scrub – Lip Wax

Chin Wax – Nose Wax

Microdermasion Upon Consultation – Vitalize Peel

VIP program – Dermaplane Spa Facial – VI Peel

What are you waiting for? Schedule a facial or peel now!

While many people think facials and peels are for the rich and famous, everyone should have a facial at least once a month to maintain clean and hydrated skin. Dirt is constantly accumulating on your face, despite your best efforts to wash it with skin care products and washcloths.

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*Individual results may vary