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Diana’s Ultherapy Story

Time and genetics can both contribute to sagging skin. This video tells the story of one woman who used Ultherapy to regain a more youthful appearance. Watch the video to learn more about this procedure so you can decide if undergoing Ultherapy in St. Louis is the right option for you.

Diana decided to try Ultherapy for several reasons. One, her daughter mentioned that the skin around her chin was becoming loose and contributing to the look of a double chin. Two, Diana’s own mother already suffered from extreme sagging of the skin around the chin area. Three, though she wanted to address her loose skin, Diana wanted to avoid invasive treatment. Ultherapy turned out to be the perfect option. This med spa treatment quickly tightened the skin around Diana’s chin and gave her more definition around the lower half of her face. She is extremely happy with her Ultherapy results, as even her daughter could notice a significant improvement in just weeks.